Server Operator (“the Operator”)

Company Name: bemyde s.r.o.

Registered Address: Vyšný Klátov 19, 044 12 Vyšný Klátov

Registered at: District Court Košice I, dept. sro, file no.39789/V

Company ID no.: 50426427

Tax Reg. no.: 2120338748


 Bemyde.com will handle users' data solely in compliance with the Law on Personal Data Protection. The Operator will however not bear responsibility for any misuse of data which are published in bids and inquiries. The Operator bemyde.com is not responsible for the content of published bids and inquiries. The Operator is solely an intermediary between parties making inquiries and bids, and is not responsible for any commercial deals between them, including the quality of service or products, their supply or payment for them. The Operator may innovate, change or otherwise modify the services provided by the bemyde.com portal also without the consent of users. The Operator is further entitled to block or remove the access of those users who breach the rules or who are suspected by the Operator of fraud.

Rules for Use of the Bemyde.com Portal:

 By registering with the system of bemyde.com, users consent to the publishing of their own contact data (which they specify themselves) in their bids or projects.

The Operator is entitled:

Paid services

It is forbidden to upload projects:

Furthermore it is forbidden:

Personal Data Protection Declaration


These General Commercial Conditions are valid from 23rd July 2017.